Rhyme & Song:

Rhyme and Song, is a weekly session for babies,  toddlers and their carers. Singing simple songs and rhymes is a great way to enjoy one’s child, and sets a great foundation for educational concepts.

Rhyme and Song arose following consultation with the local school and kindergarten staff with the aims of supporting carers of little children, and to help friendships develop. 

Annual Parish Retreat

Each year a five-day residential silent retreat is held, generally in Queenscliffe.  Accommodation is very comfortable each room having its own en-suite.  All meals are catered for.   Retreatants meet for daily prayer and input is given in a group setting by the Retreat Leader.   At other times, retreatants remain in silence, which enables listening to the still small voice within. 

Participants may sit and read, walk the Labyrinth, go for walks, bring craft to do, or simply sit looking at the beauty around them.

Quiet Days:

These are held in our beautiful church and surrounds, offering the time and space to stop and be more deeply aware of God in our lives.  

st georges redhill


Social Justice:

  • Support of local and Anglican agencies to counter the impacts of poverty, homelessness, and exclusion is strong. 
  • Food support for refugees and the local homeless is a weekly and much needed activity.
  •  Retiring collections are held approximately monthly, along with raising awareness in the parish of these issues of justice.


  • We have great facilities for Weddings, Baptisms, Funerals, and social gatherings.
  • Men of the parish meet for breakfast on a quarterly basis to deepen relationships through sharing food and laughter.
  • We offer car parking, books for sale, plants for sale and bric-a-brac on days when the Red Hill Market is held.
  • We support local groups as we are able: the local CFAs, the Red Hill Community Association, the Mornington Youth and Citizen’s Band, local Landcare groups, and the priests make themselves available for people of the district wish to find a caring listening ear in times of trouble.


Baptism marks the formal beginning of a person’s Spiritual journey, and membership of the worldwide Christian church, locally within the parish community. It takes place as part of the 9.30am Sunday service. Whatever age the candidate, it is a wonderful celebration! The priest will spend time with the candidate, or the parents/guardians of a baby or child to prepare for this special occasion. There is no charge for baptism since it is the initiation ceremony of the church, although many people offer a donation.  

If you do not wish to make vows on behalf of your baby, you may choose to have a Service of Thanksgiving for your child, another beautiful service. 


St George’s is a beautiful setting in which to make your marriage vows before God and your loved ones. The church, of locally hewn timber, has views from its windows, and holds about 120 people in the main body of the church, Covid permitting. There is room for more in the side chapel and the space at the rear.  

The fee for weddings begins at $1000 which includes use of the church as well as the priest’s time in preparation of the couple, preparation for the service, the rehearsal, and the service itself.  

Conveniently adjacent to the church, are two large rooms, both well appointed.  These can become one large space which is ideal for use as a reception space. It has a recently rebuilt kitchen. All parts of the building are heated or cooled for your comfort. 


It is usually a difficult time following a loved one’s death, with unfamiliar duties to perform. A funeral plays an important role in the grieving process, and also in giving thanks for a person’s life, marking their passing and acknowledging who they were. The priest will meet with family members to plan the service together. In the same building as the church are reception spaces which are convenient and comfortable for refreshments following a funeral.