Ministry of Care

An important part of who we are and our ministry is our care for one another and for others. The following is what we offer within the Parish, but anyone who feels a need is welcome to make contact and reach out for help.  Please see our contact page if you need what we offer.

Pastoral visitation: 

A team of trained lay visitors call on parishioners who may be temporarily or permanently unable to come to church or attend other social gathering. Home communion may also be offered. Priestly care is also offered, especially when life’s issues are challenging, or when spiritual concerns are raised. 

Spiritual Direction: 

In a private session with a trained and accredited spiritual director.  A spiritual director is like a ‘soul companion’ they accompany another on their spiritual journey through what could be termed ‘sacred listening’. The intention is to help us to awaken as we journey, so that we can recognize the sacred within and be available to the mystery of purpose that permeates the cosmos.   A spiritual director is present, both energetically and attentively.  The physicality of presence is welcoming and hospitable, relaxed and attentive.  Anyone, whether a Parishioner or not is welcome to avail themselves of Spiritual Direction.